sampling notes, and a belated Happy Ma Day

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Mother’s Day week at the ffFlower Mines was exhausting. I’m rejuvenating today by doing yard work in the morning–fresh air and exercise clearing the beds, and going to an estate sale with a friend in the afternoon to clean out an apparently mind blowing thread stash.

Too busy to “stage” that above arrangement properly!

feelin’ the love (sort of)

As many of you know, i am a floral designer by day, and this being Valentine’s Day “week”, i haven’t had much stitching time! It’s been more stressful this year, when people seem to forget it’s the same day EVERY YEAR DUH (and wait until the last minute, and then bitch because we’ve run out of things), but our flowers were stuck in the mountains for 48 hours due to the road and weather conditions! You should have seen me beetling around yesterday, “power arranging” vases and bouquets, making up for the days we couldn’t do it! I’m thinking of adding a “F***you Fee” to difficult customer orders…….


Every minute counts though, and a stitch here and there adds up. I’m loving this blue variegated on the axons and ganglia!

a slightly naughty Florist’s poem

Christmas is “official” as soon as the glitter comes home from work.   😉

A slightly naughty Florist’s poem….

“My heart’s all a’twitter
now that there’s glitter.
It’s in my eyes,
hell, between my thighs,
it’s even under my Ta-tas.
When I disrobe at night
what a sparkly sight,
I’m feeling like Lady Gaga.

And OH! I’m getting fitter
because his hands a’flitter,
it makes my man want to Boogie Cha-Cha!”

lost and resting

The slumps are here again. Two exhibits in the same time frame, and as always after intense periods of productivity, that means i don’t know where to go next. You’d think i’d be happy, energized, excited, but i always feel at a loss after finishing. My life is good, i like where i live and what i do at the Day Job, but in the time after the current work is completed, there’s always that feeling of something missing in the stoodio, that search for the Next Big Thing. I wish i could grab back some of the verve i had when i first started blogging 12 years ago: 4 posts a day, tons of enthusiasm, experimentation out the hoo-hoo,  “WOW, OMG, HOLY SHIT, THE WORLD IS SO EXCITING”——— where’d that girl go?

But this time i’m going easy on myself. There’s no race, no competition. I’m enjoying what’s left of my garden outside, admiring the indoor jungle, note making for C***mas at the fffFlower Mines, and not doing much of anything but observing and thinking.

The beauty of old roses:


Orchid cactus:


Funk of the week at the fffFlower Mines, Leonotis leonurus:


Odontoglossum orchid:


A sad sad Medinilla! Lost most of its leaves this summer, but valiantly blooming again anyways:


The Orchid Cactus blows me away:


And the very little i have done with needle and thread, the start of a sixth indigo moon:


….The art of the breakthrough is the practice of figuring out all the ways to not do it on your way to an insight….We find our way by getting lost. Anything other than that is called reading a map.                         Seth Godin

naked body jewellry, part 2

I’ve had nightmares all week about these pieces. It’s one thing to make wristlets, corsages and hairpieces for proms, or weddings: it’s another completely different waxed ball of canned worms to have to worry about extreme heat and light in a studio setting. And naked people.

I do have to consider the naked people. Don’t want scratches on them, don’t water drips ruining hours of body painting, don’t want things falling apart in poses.

The original hard “Alice in Wonderland” theme was changed by the body painter. Softened by whites and greens, no “objects” in with the flowers and foliage, here’s the headpiece:

red rose headpiece view 1

red rose headpiece view 2

And the arm piece:

red rose armpiece

The Asian inspired work became this:

orchid headpiece 1


I’d like to thank my patient model, who fortunately does not ever complain.

Once the actual photography and videography sessions are done on Sunday, i am allowed to share those. The naked people will be family friendly, though still naked under the paint.