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i’ve been busy…………..

But not in my Studio.

Is it any wonder that i love my job so much?

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sampling notes, and a belated Happy Ma Day

Featured with other UberTalents, on TextileArtist again!

And previously there: Part One and Part Two

Mother’s Day week at the ffFlower Mines was exhausting. I’m rejuvenating today by doing yard work in the morning–fresh air and exercise clearing the beds, and going to an estate sale with a friend in the afternoon to clean out an apparently mind blowing thread stash.

Too busy to “stage” that above arrangement properly!


Bah, Humbunny ;)

And waiting. For Easter birds, Easter rabbits, Easter other cats, Easter porcupines, Easter whatever. No wonder my jade keeps breaking……


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everybody loves somebody sometime




feelin’ the love (sort of)

As many of you know, i am a floral designer by day, and this being Valentine’s Day “week”, i haven’t had much stitching time! It’s been more stressful this year, when people seem to forget it’s the same day EVERY YEAR DUH (and wait until the last minute, and then bitch because we’ve run out of things), but our flowers were stuck in the mountains for 48 hours due to the road and weather conditions! You should have seen me beetling around yesterday, “power arranging” vases and bouquets, making up for the days we couldn’t do it! I’m thinking of adding a “F***you Fee” to difficult customer orders…….


Every minute counts though, and a stitch here and there adds up. I’m loving this blue variegated on the axons and ganglia!


happies at work

Thank the deities for a fulfillingĀ  day job.


I “retired” once from the biz, but am so grateful for the distraction and creativity, and the trust of my clients.



wine-and-or-coffeeWine or coffee? Coffee or wine? Whine, coffee. Wine, at home, after.


all-wrapped-upNew fffFlower Mines haute couture, garland boa. Warm, but a tad buggy and scratchy. Actually needed to wash my hair when i got home–teeny little wormie caterpiggle things!!!!!!!!!!

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