FybreSpace re-opening

Or maybe i should say “RE-re-opening”!!!!! I’m tired of fighting with the coding between Paypal and Blogger, so i’ve gone back to BigCartel. Same address as the “old/previous” shop, but a new look, hopefully, enticing new and old customers 🙂

The shop is here, so please bookmark it!!!


Listings soon in the Shop!

As i have mentioned before, FybreSpace no longer exists on BigCartel, but you can buy here. Please do sign up for email notifications of new posts, if you will.

All of these have been washed and pressed, are cotton, and having been stored for almost a year, are nicely cured. Each listing will have its own post, as Blogger and Paypal fight otherwise. I will be listing through this week, and will publish all when ready to go.

The possibilities with these fabrics are infinite. Don’t be afraid to cut up, cut holes, slash, machine stitch, hand stitch, applique or piece into other works. It’s fabric after all, and while i view them as semi-precious, they can be treated as any other fabric!


hexes rising

indigo-hexes-jan-24A few years ago in a Yoshiko Wada workshop, i fortuitously dipped two previously ecoprinted hunks of silk in a henna based indigo pot. In the ensuing years i’ve often dug them out and admired the greeny blue that resulted, though often thought the mud colour induced by chemical reaction over the ecoprints was well, too muddy. Sometimes i’ve wondered about just tossing them or giving them away.

Whew, i didn’t. You never know what will be Useful and Beautiful and Perfect, if you throw it out. The earthiness now of those colours are what was called for in secret by this piece. I listened.

My biggest challenge with this though, is finding a UBP slab of true madder.


I’ve been tuning into certain words and phrases now as i stitch in the evenings, hearing from the strangest sources quotes about memory. A cheesy B movie yielded up “We survive by remembering, but sometimes we survive by forgetting,” and a Cicero quote from an episode of Criminal Minds ““The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” Proves one never knows what might be relevant or inspiring, and from the oddest “sources”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


are you experienced?

jan-12-bAs i work with this large expanse, i’m better appreciating the nuances of colour created by chemical reactions between rust, potassium permanganate and brazilwood. Pinks, purples, teeny bits of blue and charcoal, russets and washed out reds. Amazing how that works, and really wondering how i managed to get such clean whites too!


These long lines of seeded backstitch, paths, divisions, separations, they appeal to the memory and sense, for otherness, unpredictable, centering, old consciousness. I’m struggling to express this in words, but words are an important part of this project as well. I’ve been writing a lot of free association exercises on my work blog, and will be condensing them down to make clear what it is i’m making, sharing, experiencing. I think of everything from Jimi Hendrix, to memories of childhood, passed friends and washed away river banks.


appreciating what you already have

When i created these fabrics during the 2016 Contextural summer residency, i knew i liked them but stashed them away as for use in a Someday project, thinking they would probably just be cut up, and incorporated into other projects.

They are beautiful. They can stand on their own. I hadn’t really really Looked at them. The softness of the colours, the strong yet delicate markings of rust, the motifs that occurred during the process are perfect for a background, while having enough interest to accent in some areas as i move through this piece.


I didn’t want a seam down the middle, so i tore one chunk in half and attached it to either side of the main fabric. This is going to be a large work, as you can see by the yardstick left in there for scale 🙂 (I’ll have to have an appropriately sized stretcher bar set custom built, as i haven’t this size in the stoodio!) The seams aren’t terribly obvious, because of the similar colourings and process, but they are there enough that i wanted to segue them into each other. Immediately, i knew i wanted to use my technique of melding the fabrics into each other with a multitude of seeded back stitch. (I used that technique a lot on “Ebb and Flow” from 2014, on the indigo pieces.)


On New Year’s Eve, i watched part of “Expendables” and then all of “Expendables 2” (i deliberately choose “Cheesy B”  horror or action films to keep my mind and fingers activated, but not concentrating on the tubage.) and in the space of three hours, managed a section of 12×2″. These seams are 46″ long so i need to update my watch list!!! HA! “You WILL be a-seam-alated!” (I think i’m SO funny….) (Edit: as this post goes live, i have another 13×2″ done—yeah!)

So far, only two variegated colourways have been used there, but a third will pop in as well. One i am going to run out of, hopefully not until the seams are done, because it’s just not available anymore! The other two can be ordered again, and hoofies crossed that the batches aren’t so different as to be noticeable to anyone but Moi. Below, though the differences are not terribly apparent–which is kind of the point of blending—-i’ve used a silk in the centre, edged with a Caron Wildflower Sticks and Stones. Those edges will be edged into also with another Caron Wildflower “Pebbles”.

stitch-detail-1Unintentionally, that “strip” echoes the squiggly lines of dye and rust. The subconscious mind at work i suppose, because watching cars blowing up and manly posturing with bazookas sure didn’t influence it.

On the fun side of things, i pulled this out and have started playing with it. A riff on the original Beautiful Bones from 2009, and conceived in 2010, it’s mindless and silly, and an enjoyable change from Serious Art!




finding the meaning in no meaning

I should keep my big mouth shut. Realistically, there is not enough time for me to create an entirely new piece for an exhibit that starts in 23 days, at least not with what i want to do to it….. Plans are wonderful, necessary to keep going and growing, but i don’t need to make myself any crazier than i already am, and decidedly do not need to frustrate my need to make with rushing and forcefulness. On that note too, what the hell is “concept” but construct?

So back to maybe not square one, but square 37? 🙂

Some of the ideas i had for the piece mentioned in the last post are valid for this, so i picked it up again last night, whacked a few more stitchings in, and can see where it’s going now.

se 1 poss

Still means a lot of work has to be done, but just keep going. I created the faces during residency for a reason. Read any trope or import into that.

res day two: nature and/vs technology

I had this bright, ambitious idea while playing with Dreamscope, to build some fabrics reflecting the different effects a photo editing application can have on a particular design. Since i make specific designs anyways whether i ecoprint or rust, it’s a natural progression in my mind. My hand drawn sketches are at best thumbnails and notes, (my handwriting is very difficult to read after 39+ years of taking orders over the phone that had to be done fast so as not to piss off the sender….) but sometimes they’re so obscure even to me, that developing some 21st century skills felt right.

I initially had plans first for this one.


res 2016 challenge

rebar 1

Still going to try it, as i envisioned it in piecing, and the photo of the fabric directly above this paragraph will come into play there,but i thought i’d best start with an easier task in designing the “base”.

ink face plansMy first try sucked.  I gave up half way through and this is the miserable result:

bad wiring

Trying to get the wire on to begin with was a bitch, trying to get it off is even worse!!!!!!!!!

The second experiment with the addition of a circle/moon. Kind of wishy-washy, but a start.

first facesThen i i knew what i wanted to do and how.

tr 1

atlan face 1

face doubles C

It’s quite satisfying to take old work and put a new spin on it, in a style that has developed over the years since first creating this one. It was made 10 years ago, in my “burning, machine-stitch-only- ’cause-handwork-is-tedious-and-not-artistic, use lots of glitz” phase. I pooh-poohed digital manipulation a long time too as it seemed like “cheating”, but hey, it’s just another tool. The original designs are mine after all, and if i had the skill to paint them by hand, would it have been any more “pure”? The initial work took a long time, the manipulation a very short instant gratification app online, the natural processes took overnight to react, and then the stitching will take a lot of time, so how can this not be hand-made, hand created, mindful, deliberate, satisfying? Working this way to me is like prepping a canvas: lay the base layer of primer, the first jots of colour and then interpret and extrapolate your subject.