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Blue May Skies

What horizon are you looking at now?Clear, fresh, Spring skies. Available!


And now i must get back to stitching, while the vat has a rest.


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hurried up and waited, and a shop hint

More results from the chemical (aka regular vat/indigo vat/vat, ’cause i’m tired of explaining the difference…)


And it was worth it. The 123 vat IS WORKING. The colour *is* paler, but repeated dips i’m sure, will add depth to the shades. I had expected the greeny-turquoise tone from my first experience with it in a Wada workshop, but am still thrilled. (Though once this vat is used up, i won’t repeat the effort 😉 )

On silk:

On cotton:

And for your delectation and discerning taste, i’m offering small “Boro Strapping Packs” again in the shop. Letting you know too, these are all from the chemical vat (so as not to offend the purists)!


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FybreSpace shop update

Fixed the glitches in the buy codes, and have added some few new chunks of fabric!

Shop here please 🙂


FybreSpace, the Shop, open for business again

I’m clearing shelves, as i make room for new work, and new fabrics to be created during my upcoming summer residency, so please do head over to the shop. I’ve posted information in the side bar there, about my policies and shipping info. If you have ANY problems, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible, so i can fix them 🙂

As i dig out fabrics, they will be listed. It takes time to photograph, do all the photo and writing editing, and generate the code for the post, so please be patient with me. At the moment there are “story fabrics” with deliberate design in mind, but some ecoprints will be added as i find them!


Listings soon in the Shop!

As i have mentioned before, FybreSpace no longer exists on BigCartel, but you can buy here. Please do sign up for email notifications of new posts, if you will.

All of these have been washed and pressed, are cotton, and having been stored for almost a year, are nicely cured. Each listing will have its own post, as Blogger and Paypal fight otherwise. I will be listing through this week, and will publish all when ready to go.

The possibilities with these fabrics are infinite. Don’t be afraid to cut up, cut holes, slash, machine stitch, hand stitch, applique or piece into other works. It’s fabric after all, and while i view them as semi-precious, they can be treated as any other fabric!



FybreSpace the Shop re-opens

I was feeling that the BigCartel shop was forcing the issue and closed it at the end of December.

And, does not support the code for buying direct from its pages, so i’ve re-opened not only an old blog (though none of the original posts are visible), but the shop on a blogspot (blogger) platform.


How’s this for an advertisement? There’s nothing there yet!

I’ll add as i can, as i think people will be interested, as i have things that are different/”worth it”/specifically created. The lovely thing will be, since it’s a blog, i can also add little stories or Interesting Facts about each offering 🙂 More personal, more personable. Comments will be welcome too. I don’t make a living, or a killing on my art, and supplies, so prices will either be very reasonable, or rather “undervalued” (in the grand scheme of things, speaking as an artist.)

You can find it here. Please “follow” or “subscribe”, and share, as you please. I’ll “update” by posting here also when Stuff gets added.

This post is “Stickied” to stay at the top of the blog, so if you wish to read actual posts, please scroll down to the next entry 🙂 I’ll be leaving it here for a little while, then will revert to the “update” posts as things change, added or sold, in the shop itself.



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dye painting tests

My Dharma order arrived 6 days after being ordered, but with the silly season upon us, those pesky spare five minutes’s available had to wait until after chripcrapmas………..

I ordered 4 colours (teal blue, rust brown, oxblood red and warm black), planning to augment the palette with what i already have (golden yellow, red, olive, violet and true blue), trusting i will be able to approximate the colours and blending shown on the acrylic painted paper mock-up (left in photo below). Didn’t use all of them though!

On cotton, right, previously soaked in soda ash, though i also added the soda ash *to* the Procion. These fabrics won’t be washed, but i still worry about fading or exposure to any elements in the air. I’ve never had any luck in removing all the alginate before (think icky snail trails…), so bypassed  thickening and directly “painted” on the cloth. I do know however, that though usually one wants super saturation with the dyes, this one is too dark, and MUCH too red! I still like it and will continue to work on the idea.

sketch-and-fabric-sampleI also did another piece:

neurons-dye-paint-1-bThe Procion “Rust Brown” has a LOT of red in it, shall have to tone it down. It was based on this, and in a larger scale, may become the background for something.


Mood/story board in the stoodio:




I also did a little ice dyeing, tshirts for the Son below and the Greyman (still batching).


Somehow fitting that i end the year with how i started the year!

Speaking of ice, my camera captured this, a trick of the light and of the time.

Dec 26 icicles in Inglewood


And then i remembered, fortunately in plenty of time, that i also need to dye some threads as well! The quantities i’m going to need precludes buying “ready made’ though i’m sure some will come by mail 🙂 Some i’ll do the same way as the cloth, painting bits on , and some will just be immersion dyed.


And the FybreSpace shop is now gone.