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a new moon

This one is particularly satisfying–99% natural dyes!

The first section is osage and cochineal on cotton,

centre section is privet berries on silk and potassium permanganate on cotton (technically an inorganic chemical dye…)

and third section is three flavours of cochineal and logwood on wool, silk, and silk/wool blend, all on a background of indigo on cotton. (And yes, i am fully aware there are natural substances for browns, but i happen to like the permutations of “potperm”, and i have none of the naturals at the moment.)

And i just realized, that as usual my photos are mislabelled…….left and right always confuse me………..these are portrayed in the correct order above, but the orientation in the file name is reversed!

I have only to add a few more milkweed seeds to the centre, and then i can finish the whole.




Apparently i have scared a few people with the potassium permanganate. It’s as “safe” as using any other dye, WHEN you follow the protocols! (Would you drink or bathe in Procion??? Or even indigo???????) People also assume that “natural” immediately classifies as safe, and that’s not true either. Yes, PP is corrosive, so wear gloves—-i don’t stick my bare hands in ANY dye pot, mordant or assistant, i wear protective gear when mixing. PP is inert on the fibres: it is not going to explode or spontaneously combust, UNLESS you let ALL the liquid in the bath evaporate and then store it improperly. PP is poisonous–guess what? So are pokeweed, privet berries, rhubarb leaves can be problematic with all the oxalic acid, and logwood is potentially deadly. I also NEVER stick my nose over a pot and inhale deeply while exclaiming how earthgoddessywonderful it is, or blithely swish my unprotected hands through a conventional indigo vat, or even a 123 vat (there’s lime in there, right? and i’m not talking about the fruit.) Common sense people, common sense. We *don’t* know cumulative effects for most of these substances, because when they were in common use, nobody was doing studies about it, were they? Who wants to die from dyeing?


indigo moons again

I just can’t resist these. I love looking at the fabrics i’ve dyed, envisioning new moonscapes, different thread colourways, unique stitches i haven’t tried before.

I’ve got quite a little stockpile of these now to work. Not all are in the photo!

I’ve been alternating these with the res work, and the large commission.


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the right stuff

Yup, the gut feeling was correct. The hexes blend in, hold the fabric and still add a bit of texture.


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moon decision made

So handy to live in a digital age 🙂 Hesitant to put needle and thread to the centre, i did this first, and am confident that the top right is the way to go. Some of the sketchies were dismissed immediately, some would work elsewhere on other work, but this gives me a clear idea of how to handle that centre strip.

It needs to be “filled” but VERY discretely, and more “openly” so it doesn’t fight with the rest of the moon, and the rest of the work. The moon needs to be emphasized, but not at the expense of the other elements: it can’t assume more importance than the figures or side work.

My order of threads had arrived last week, so i’ve chosen the Caron Wildflowers #171 Caramel to work that area. It “blends” enough with the colours of the fabric and natural dye processes, but is still alive enough to add a little interest, without being overly visible. There’s plenty, with 2 skeins, to do this and to add the discrete hexagons to other areas of the whole. I may also use it for the standing figure–which has to go on the frame sometime this week and be done!




This is the solstice, the still point
of the sun, its cusp and midnight,
the year’s threshold
and unlocking, where the past
lets go of and becomes the future;
the place of caught breath, the door
of a vanished house left ajar.

Solstice Poem, Margaret Atwood


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buy my art *before* i’m dead, shop update

7-moon-aAbove  SOLD





first-rabbit-moon-aThese small works of art are all hand dyed, whether with Procion or indigo, other natural dyes and dye processes, and all feature lots of hand embroidery, though the juice moons also have some machine work. I will this time INCLUDE the shipping cost, as i really want them to go to Good Homes. And with the Canadian dollar so low, you’re getting a deal there too!

Please visit the shop for more details.

I won’t be here much in the next few weeks, but thank you again for your continued support and kind words.

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two more moons done


Above, “Pure Joy Moon”, below “Pollen Moon”


I have one more indigo moon planned, and two more of the 4×4 juice moons, but in the meantime, i am doing something entirely, not-so-different 🙂 with indigo dyed cotton. It’s a Christmas fair after all, and what’s a Christmas fair without a few funky bits?? If my plans do not work, well, back to moon again, or stars, or suns or something…….

When the sale is over, i plan on taking a two week “reading break”!!!!!!!!!!


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