Note to Self: check notes to self

It might not be set in stone, but there is/was/is a plan for this piece.

I looked through my “stitchionaries” (photo detail files of work previously done), my stitch bibles, online at new stitches, scribbled and sketched and thought, drooled on my thread choices and pondered and pondered. How am i going to treat this section, without it being too dense, but also to “fit” with the first section done?

DUH. What’s the piece that prompted this?

Obviously, it’s not going to be squared off like this quick cut and paste 🙂

I think the leaf needs to be a separate piece applied on top of this section, and the embroidery done over and around it.

perfect perfect light

This is the time of day when light bends and flows, softens the rougher hand, the harder heart.

This is the day of time blinking out of illusion and desire, to touch hand to heart.

Time flickering, day febrile and lustrous, heart flutters and hand trembles.

I will give you the time of day.