drag point

There comes a time for me with every piece that is a drag point. I’ve been “in the zone” with the whole, but suddenly the whole has more parts than i realized, and there’s only so zoney you can get, to get it done! This is such a large piece, and it has many parts, not only in design and execution, but in meaning, so i’m looking at the pauses and stutters as part of the thinking process. I’ve done a lot of reading and research, something that had fallen by the wayside for awhile. I missed that, and am glad to be taking that time again.

The meanings of memory, of remembered, and true, time, the flashes of forgotten experience, the daily recognition and reflection, what would you do if you had no cognizance of most or any of this? Mental illness, dementia, repression, amnesia, delusion/illusion, cognitive conformity (oh that one really frosts my cookies), moral licensing, (the previous two can be/are linked), and most strangely of all, lifelong severely deficient autobiographical memory (SDAM) , and highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM). What if you could remember *everything*??????????

I remember things from when i was 3, vivid memories of sneaking into the bathroom and taking one of my father’s razor blades (the real ones in those days), sitting on the top step of the stairs and slicing my thumb open, and knowing i was going to be in trouble for it. From the same time, i remember re-assuring my younger brothers (they were 2 and 1) that the loud noise at night was just a train going by. I don’t remember anything from ages 9 and 10. I remember too much from some really bad personal years, but, as in the old joke, not what i had for dinner last night. Some of my memories are distorted, integrated with someone else’s, stolen, i know that from talking with family or friends, who remember differently. Absence of memory, strong memory are protective mechanisms, talismans, guides (yes, do it, no, don’t), for me.

And now i remember i have limited time.



I’m close to done most of the hexes on the left panel of this work (more than these photos show), and wanting to “balance” the right side, will be adding more hexes, but with a different feeling, and configuration. (These photos are also “sideways” because the section is so long, easier to view this way, the bottom actually on the right!)

Next step will be to choose the threads for this side. The main one may still be a bamboo colourway “Stormy Weather”, of which i will have JUST enough (it’s ir-replaceable, as a gift and from a private dyer), OR this one below, and some warmer toned threads than the blues/greens i’ve been using on the left side. That red silk for “under” the hexes has been with me for at least 20 years!


I’ve used the hexagon shape over the past years in many ways, usually symbolizing nature and connectivity, and now  have added the element that the hexes represent memories—connecting and referring to each other but separating, compartmentalizing, fragmenting as we get older–as we age the connections become disparate, as time and self dissociate.

And i still don’t have even a “working title” for this.


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happies at work

Thank the deities for a fulfilling  day job.


I “retired” once from the biz, but am so grateful for the distraction and creativity, and the trust of my clients.



Excuse me? Because i count the hours it takes to make something, do my stitching, i’m “cheapening” and “commodifying” my work???????????????????????????????????????

I’m not one to get into that mind-set that all creative work is “meditative”, but there are moments when it comes close. Often, my hands are occupied, while my brain sorts other tasks, or tunes out completely while watching tubage, whether it’s informative, trash, entertainment or “current”. I also sit without outside stimulus, sometimes i’m outside listening to the birds, sometimes i’m on the train conversing with fellow passengers. Time slows and speeds during these periods. “Mindful”? Well, all of creativity is mindful, whether good or bad. Intuition and spontaneity still spring from the subconscious, whether or not my brain is in Alpha, Beta or Theta mode. I will not/do not buy into that arena that says i can be/am only an artist when i am zoned out. I certainly can’t do it while in Delta, but maybe, just maybe, perhaps more likely, some of it is Gamma. Look all that up, the types of brain waves. When you come out of your coma, maybe.

When you PM me to take me to task for counting hours, instead of just “going with the flow”, you are saying my way of working is inferior to yours. You want to get nasty? I think your work that consists of attaching ragged scraps together in a cacaphony of colour and pattern, “embroidered” solely with running stitch and “completed” in two days is the cop out in this case. But that’s just my opinion.

I count hours for good reason. Deadlines must be met, commissions must be paid for –i can’t start a project that takes hundreds of hours to do if the deadline is in two weeks; i can’t AFFORD to sell work that takes hundreds of hours for a pittance, like maybe you’re fine with, because “you love doing it” as you “release the love into the world”.

In the final analysis, i do what i do because i DO LOVE it. You don’t like the way i work, tough beans, BabyCakes. My methods are my own, and they are no more “wrong” than your way. If it turns your crank, go ahead, but hands off the keyboard when you criticize my way as perverse.




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dye lot woes

Damn. Caron’s “Pebbles” (Wildflowers, #011) has been a favourite colourway of mine since i started working with the natural dyes. (My cloth is naturally dyed, not *most* of the threads, though some are occasionally.) The soft variations of purple and pink worked so well with rust and brazilwood, but alas, i noticed with the recent order that it wasn’t different pinks and purples, but completely different……………

The original on the left, the new on the right: greens, blues????????


Same name, same number, different dye lots.


I’m quite disappointed, but not really surprised. I’ve been buying this number for at least 5 years, and knew that eventually the dye lot would change, as it’s impossible to duplicate things over time. I did however think it would at least be close. Buying online precludes being able to actually see the difference, especially when the photo used is the “original” one. Even then, in real life, there would have been no guarantee that any in stock would all have been from the same batch!

Having used up one skein that was 3/4 left from other projects, i have one left of the original colourway. I’ll have to either integrate the new one, or find a reasonably close sub: Smoke is too blue, and Ash has too much white…..

In the grand scheme of things, most won’t notice the difference on the actual work, but i wanted that particular dye lot for other work as well.

AND lest anyone suggest i dye them myself, and ask why i’m not using naturally dyed threads instead of commercial “chemical” ones, i haven’t the skill, time or inclination to dye 1000’s of yards (praying that i get close to the colourway), and natural dyes do not do well on finer cotton threads in MY experience. I’m also not that much of a purist that everything has to be “natural” to get the colours or effects i want. Potassium permanganate after all is a chemical, not a natural. In my books, colour is colour, period. If that offends ya, too bad. My circus, my threads 🙂

C’est la Vie!


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a stitch, or many, in time

“How did it get so late so soon?” ― Dr. Seuss

Time and space are slowing with this one. Since the last “photo session” on the 25th, i have added 11 more hours worth of stitch to this area, and feel (while i’m loving it) that little more has been done…………..

Intricacy, tiny occlusions and inclusions, artistic license *and* accuracy, the Devil is in the details as They say.


(I however have to pick parts of that top hex out, as it woogled and borgled.)

The indigo was definitely the right choice.


I’ve had to make tons of notes as i go along, because there are many steps for working each section of the neuron. I keep missing little bits as i go through each one!


I wanted to add what i thought were synapses somewhere, but my thinking about this has been wrong. I thought a synapse was a totally different animal, but research shows me it’s the space “between” neurons.

I can appreciate the beauty of this though, as it’s not all cut and dried facts. My favourite shot to date below, though the lighting is not true.


The “hand” of all this stitching is sore, but the “hand” of all this stitching is so wonderfully tactile too 🙂

I had a big long discussion with myself originally on this post about “meditative” and “mindful”, but blah blah so i deleted it.

FybreSpace the Shop re-opens

I was feeling that the BigCartel shop was forcing the issue and closed it at the end of December.

And, does not support the code for buying direct from its pages, so i’ve re-opened not only an old blog (though none of the original posts are visible), but the shop on a blogspot (blogger) platform.


How’s this for an advertisement? There’s nothing there yet!

I’ll add as i can, as i think people will be interested, as i have things that are different/”worth it”/specifically created. The lovely thing will be, since it’s a blog, i can also add little stories or Interesting Facts about each offering 🙂 More personal, more personable. Comments will be welcome too. I don’t make a living, or a killing on my art, and supplies, so prices will either be very reasonable, or rather “undervalued” (in the grand scheme of things, speaking as an artist.)

You can find it here. Please “follow” or “subscribe”, and share, as you please. I’ll “update” by posting here also when Stuff gets added.

This post is “Stickied” to stay at the top of the blog, so if you wish to read actual posts, please scroll down to the next entry 🙂 I’ll be leaving it here for a little while, then will revert to the “update” posts as things change, added or sold, in the shop itself.



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hexes rising

indigo-hexes-jan-24A few years ago in a Yoshiko Wada workshop, i fortuitously dipped two previously ecoprinted hunks of silk in a henna based indigo pot. In the ensuing years i’ve often dug them out and admired the greeny blue that resulted, though often thought the mud colour induced by chemical reaction over the ecoprints was well, too muddy. Sometimes i’ve wondered about just tossing them or giving them away.

Whew, i didn’t. You never know what will be Useful and Beautiful and Perfect, if you throw it out. The earthiness now of those colours are what was called for in secret by this piece. I listened.

My biggest challenge with this though, is finding a UBP slab of true madder.


I’ve been tuning into certain words and phrases now as i stitch in the evenings, hearing from the strangest sources quotes about memory. A cheesy B movie yielded up “We survive by remembering, but sometimes we survive by forgetting,” and a Cicero quote from an episode of Criminal Minds “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” Proves one never knows what might be relevant or inspiring, and from the oddest “sources”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!