learning curve, shibori

Actually, i could say “re-learning”: i did a bit of shibori during my 2012 residency, and certainly in the 90’s at Capilano College!

This was my first attempt, a bit of “guntai” stitching:

A small piece, i was a bit impatient and didn’t get it far enough into the indigo.

So then i did this one, same design but many more on one piece:

It took me 2 hours to do all the stitching on this–and almost as long to pick it out after dyeing! Note to self: good light, sharp seam ripper, lighter coloured thread, patience.

Then i thought “Hey, why not get the actual shibori BOOK out and try some samples?” *And* the good light, sharp seam ripper and lighter coloured thread. Patience was found, as i realized i was quite enjoying the process.

Above, trying out different conformations of line.

Below, 2 types of stitch, one motif.

Below, shapes, alone and combined.

And this rose, which i thought would be wonderful, but could still be, done properly 🙂 Three types of stitch, several of which were not pulled tightly enough, and too square as i learnt to handle the fabric as it stitch. The larger the piece, the more awkward, but it was getting easier!

Rose approximately 10×12″.


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