Shop update, permanent closure

After 6 years of producing eco printed and naturally dyed fabrics, and the occasional bit of art offered, i have decided to close the shop permanently.

I may offer sporadic bits here on my blog.

All fabrics and art are 30% off–just remember to add the discount code CLOSEOUT when placing your order. I may add a few pieces to the listings as necessary, but on December 31, 2016, the shop will vanish, items left or not. (The listing itself comes up as “Sold out” but that is just the way to post there!)

Thank you for your support over the years, and the delight of seeing the art you have created with the fabrics.



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Still just peering over the edge of the rabbit hole, but on the way up now. It was a long fall.

paintPaint on paper above, painted cotton below.



machine-on-paint-1FM on painted cotton above, hand embroidery below.



As i’m writing, i realize this exercise made me think of this:

beading-hoodoo-sky-2009(Hoodoo Sky, 2009, in progress)

Tests for possible work, i still have 2 other techniques to try with the remaining painted fabric.



There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing a cloth to life. I could easily stretch and frame these beginnings on their own, but that needle and thread thing is so addicting, and really, the translation from flat image to textured story is what turns my crank.

“A Birth of Silence”, 2015, base cloth to finished translation

While i “designed” the base cloth for the one above, because it is an abstract, i had no idea when i made it what i would do with it, story wise. Sometimes narratives just happen. Stockpiling cloth like this is like prepping a bunch of canvases, or journal pages, no dreading that blank space!

Admittedly, the deliberate shape and design of a face means the face is the story, but things still can become what they are as they want.

ot translation

“Original Truths”, 2016, from deliberately designed base cloth to completion.

The story will continue.



wine-and-or-coffeeWine or coffee? Coffee or wine? Whine, coffee. Wine, at home, after.


all-wrapped-upNew fffFlower Mines haute couture, garland boa. Warm, but a tad buggy and scratchy. Actually needed to wash my hair when i got home–teeny little wormie caterpiggle things!!!!!!!!!!

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a slightly naughty Florist’s poem

Christmas is “official” as soon as the glitter comes home from work.   😉

A slightly naughty Florist’s poem….

“My heart’s all a’twitter
now that there’s glitter.
It’s in my eyes,
hell, between my thighs,
it’s even under my Ta-tas.
When I disrobe at night
what a sparkly sight,
I’m feeling like Lady Gaga.

And OH! I’m getting fitter
because his hands a’flitter,
it makes my man want to Boogie Cha-Cha!”


while i get through

There’s always bread and butter work to get done.

day-job-bling-workAbove, vintage metallics with velvet.

Below, limited edition stars and acorns in indigo and lace.


acorn-1aNo deep thinking allowed right now, just pretty things.


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buy my art *before* i’m dead, shop update

7-moon-aAbove  SOLD





first-rabbit-moon-aThese small works of art are all hand dyed, whether with Procion or indigo, other natural dyes and dye processes, and all feature lots of hand embroidery, though the juice moons also have some machine work. I will this time INCLUDE the shipping cost, as i really want them to go to Good Homes. And with the Canadian dollar so low, you’re getting a deal there too!

Please visit the shop for more details.

I won’t be here much in the next few weeks, but thank you again for your continued support and kind words.

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no sale…………………..

It’s with much regret that i must withdraw my intent to participate in the Contextural Artisan Christmas sale on the 19th.

Personal reasons, which i will not go into here, in public. As much as i appreciate the thoughts or wishes, please do not email privately either. This will pass.

I’m very sorry if this has caused inconvenience, or false pretense for publicity purposes.


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