*this* is why i’m all “moony” right now

original_3a6ff7contextural_sale_-_business_card_sizeOriginally, i wasn’t going to participate, as i don’t “do” “Christmas”—in product or at home as a “celebration”, but at the last Contextural meeting, was persuaded it might be to my benefit. No scarves, cushions or bags from me, as other members of the group have that amply covered (and no, that ain’t a kvetch, it’s what they do, for *their* bread and butter), but lots (i hope) of moons in various sizes, flavours and permutations.

So far, i have five….. I’m hoping for at least ten (hoofies crossed). Considering how many of these i have done this year, you’d think this is all i’m interested in, or capable of, but WTH, you do what sells. I had not planned on this being a Year of Moons!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this too:

The Weight She Carries, 2014, hand embroidery, natural and synthetic dyes, rust, 24x40"

The Weight She Carries, 2014, hand embroidery, natural and synthetic dyes, rust, 24×40″

Perhaps some collector will fall in love. (Have to find an easel though for display: our venue allows nothing on the walls.)

See you there????


still juicing

I’d have had more done by now, but yesterday i was elsewhere, and though i had brought this with me, the minute i opened the bag, the needle flew out and was lost! And since when have i ever poked only ONE needle in for use???? Only yesterday………..

Fortunately, we are working our way through Deadwood, and my brain and fingers can separate to get something done🙂



By the end of day i should have enough components for three moons, with interesting bits left for other projects.


And for the record, though Deadwood is dirty and grit laden, with horrendous behaviours and the lowest of criminal intent, it has much historical basis, incredibly well developed characters, and the language, oh the language is so wonderfully Shakespearean! (Some of it will go right over the heads of most, but i know you intelligent readers will understand🙂 )


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Slow progress–so scattered right now!

colour-moon-oct-20Now wondering what background to use so they don’t fight!


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yes we have no bananas

but do we ever have mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fruit salad moons🙂




stash busting moons

I had started a moon that is predominantly potassium permanganate dyed, but it felt forced, so that’s by the wayside. It’s hard to not repeat oneself sometimes, though it’s great for sampling ideas!


cbThese have been sitting around since January 2012! I’ve been going through my stash of unfinished work, wondering what to get rid of, what to cannabalize and wondering why i did some of it🙂 All hand dyed with “OTC” dyes (Rit and/or Dylon and/or Tintex), they have a lovely tactile quality already, being either “harem” cloth or cheesecloth, and a fair amount of machine done free motion.

I’ve always loved these pieces, but wasn’t sure where to take them beyond “add some hand stitch” scribbled on the back of one. Since i am currently working on a moon series specifically for an upcoming artisan sale with Contextural, what the hell? USE ‘EM! Maybe i can sneak in that hand work with the Skeevey Brights as well……

I won’t be cutting up *all* of my old unfinished work, but let’s just say, plans are afoot for other pieces that do not involve moons!



moons circling

A seventh moon finished, but i’m not sure of the orientation…..

which-orientationi don’t think i’d use the bottom right orientation as it looks like a googly eyed pacman!!


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First Rabbit Moon done

First rabbit moon DONE. With wild roses for his bed, a sky full of stars for wondering, and mountains and clouds for dreaming on. Definitely an Alberta Jack Rabbit



He’d also be very hoppy to live at your home🙂