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first figure done!

Sweating bullets when it was done.

You can see how much the figure disintegrates as memory changes, diminishes and fades. But would it survive, maintain its integrity after being removed and transferred to the actual background?


I’ll mop up the bullets, and move on confidently to the other figure now.



goodiesThanks to dear Susan who organized getting all these beauties for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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everybody loves somebody sometime




happies at work

Thank the deities for a fulfilling  day job.


I “retired” once from the biz, but am so grateful for the distraction and creativity, and the trust of my clients.


FybreSpace the Shop re-opens

I was feeling that the BigCartel shop was forcing the issue and closed it at the end of December.

And, does not support the code for buying direct from its pages, so i’ve re-opened not only an old blog (though none of the original posts are visible), but the shop on a blogspot (blogger) platform.


How’s this for an advertisement? There’s nothing there yet!

I’ll add as i can, as i think people will be interested, as i have things that are different/”worth it”/specifically created. The lovely thing will be, since it’s a blog, i can also add little stories or Interesting Facts about each offering 🙂 More personal, more personable. Comments will be welcome too. I don’t make a living, or a killing on my art, and supplies, so prices will either be very reasonable, or rather “undervalued” (in the grand scheme of things, speaking as an artist.)

You can find it here. Please “follow” or “subscribe”, and share, as you please. I’ll “update” by posting here also when Stuff gets added.

This post is “Stickied” to stay at the top of the blog, so if you wish to read actual posts, please scroll down to the next entry 🙂 I’ll be leaving it here for a little while, then will revert to the “update” posts as things change, added or sold, in the shop itself.



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no smartypants title

Because i thought i’d make a joke about hexes again, but can’t get the brain on that, without doing evil apparently……

I was doing some research (falling down the Rabbinet Hole, that is, truthfully) this morning, thinking i could find something smart, funny, deep or pertinent to the subject, but Nay. Evidently hexes are bad, unless you’re a quilter in love with them. 🙂

I’m still in sampling mode as i work out what this large project needs. I want to introduce some stronger colours, and my eye espied the bag of indigo bits i have been hoarding.





*Just* enough contrast/colour/depth!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to overwhelm the rest of it, but being a natural dye, it does work with all the others.

Winnowed down to three thread choices from 17, i ended up using (so far) just the Caron “Smoke” #022

neuron-threadsThis one’s gonna be a pleasure to work, and though i will finish the sample, am 99.9% sure that it will work on the actal project as well.

I guess that’s why this one result from the search felt right:



“You’re doing it all wrong”

Brain farts. Can be good, can be bad, sometimes brilliant, sometimes SO SO SO stoopid……….

Why re-invent the wheel?

Though i will still be using the procion dyes, i decided this project NEEDS fabrics created during my summer residency at ACAD.  My evening’s “celebration” includes a glass of good wine, a cheesy action movie and the first 8″ stitched of a large commission that will take most of my next year! So, happy new one to every and all.