gah, winter is here

Really, we have had very little autumn this year!

Good thing i collected the last of the oak leaves yesterday! Hopefully we will have a melt because i still want leaves from the cottonwood/poplars.

Today, i’ve filled up the bird feeder, put out their suet blocks, and shaken some apples off the tree for the deer and squirrels. Part of the tracks in that snowy photo are the deer wandering through the patio area 🙂 I’ll shake the snow off those bowed down raspberries, because the deer love them too! I’ve already been out getting it off that crabapple so it doesn’t snap the power line to the garage. And the dog can’t make up her tiny little mind if she wants to come in, so she can have a towel rubdown, or go out so she can come in—- for a towel rubdown. 🙂 I think we’re up to a foot now…….

It’ll be a good day to stay in and play with post mordants and modifiers for the oak leaf experiments!



3 responses to “gah, winter is here

  1. There is no town or city in NZ where this is a problem. Some get a snowfall but it doesn’t hang around too long. I don’t thing there is ever snow here in Whanganui . . . it can remain on the snowfields of Ruapehu a couple of hours north of here.


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