*my* purge pack :)

Well, hell, i can’t get rid of ALL of it 🙂 Most of it i DO want gone, but there were some treasures i had totally forgotten about. Some will become cushion covers, pillow cases, and summer wear, and some will get into the art business.

my purge pack

Shades of Porcella! Yvonne was famous for adding black and white geometrics to her work, but i think i like it better below.

my purge pack b

Maybe bits of these too:

pop colours

A friend recently posted a photo on FB of her gorgeous Tibetan Folkwear vest, and that has inspired me also to make another one for myself. Seeing the photos again of my old blue one that was lost in the flood,  it looked rather ungainly: lumpy and mishapen (but then so am i now…), so i’ll pay more attention to marrying weights of fabric. I was an excited neophyte then, and the thrill of it was in making it fast (despite all the handwork) with whatever i had. That poor thing incorporated everything from cotton velveteen, to rayon muumuu material, sleazy lining fabric and thin cheap cotton, but i loved it to death, layering it over a big fat sweater and many scarves because i couldn’t afford a real winter coat. I actually found a piece of the blue flowered cloth from the first one, so i’ll have to incorporate it! I doubt however that a new one will be finished as fast as the first one!

old blue

I also found the red velvet appliqued coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll re-photograph it, but i think it may end up being cannabalized, quite honestly. It doesn’t fit me, and i doubt anyone else would want it.

Cleaning out these bins has been a rejuvenation of sorts for colour. Mixing and matching for Purge Packs was fun (lots more to come!), and i pulled a few pieces to use in current ***JamDay efforts.

loud printsI have NO idea why i bought the flower fairy fabric, but the gerbs are useful for adding to, or as applique. The top fabric will become summer pants–if i can fit into the expanse available when the time comes….

*** JamDay: “Jam yesterday, and jam tomorrow, but never jam today”–a lament from Alice in Wonderland. HAVE a Jamday then!!!!!!!!!!

4 responses to “*my* purge pack :)

  1. I made valances for my sis’ cottage kitchen with those gerbera prints…and I still have some. LOVE it! As for Ms. Porcella…she’s not doing well right now. Has been fighting cancer for years and now is very ill. SAQA members have been called on to make postcards to send her in support. I have one under construction. If you’d like to contribute a card (maybe with some of that fabric), PM me and I’ll send you info. 🙂


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