res day 9, deep enough

Day 9 (yesterday), today and tomorrow are the last days i am able to work in the studios at ACAD, so i figured i best get big, and buckle down. (And though i will miss her, Anne who was using the other “half” of the big tables, will be gone home, which means i get ALL of the space in the wet studio.) Since part of the work i do here is for future use in my own studio, i tried to think ahead with what i’d like to do.

I had planned on spending a major part of the day there, with a decent lunch and lots of juice to fuel me, something to work on while waiting, but ran out of room! I completely covered the area i had plastic for, and had to call it quits after 3 and a half hours, dang it! The results are worth it, but i sure wish i’d had more room! Next time i do this (2018, as it seems to be every two years???), i plan on taking more plastic and using the floor as well.

day 9

day 9b

fiery moon

winged figure 1EDIT: July 12/21—-since she has featured in several years of what-ifs and some work, the above piece is the base for “Samara“.

hexes 1

I haven’t photographed most yet, and these above are also still in their wet stage, so another round of Mr DeMilles will happen once they are dry. (Some will end up in the shop, but most are for me, whether as “whole cloth”, or to cut up, for future work–which starts this week!)

I went as deep as i could again today, and tomorrow, my last day, will be rushed with only a few hours too as the afternoon is Day Job time. Everything has to come home on Friday, so the desk in home studio can be used by someone else. (The “official” last day of a one month residency would be Sunday the 3rd, but i just can’t get there on the weekend, with it being a Holiday weekend–YEAH CANADA DAY—-and household duties to attend to. Reality is so rudely intrusive 🙂 , as are the weeds in the garden i have to pay attention to in the next few days.

Can’t wait to get stitching on some of these!!!!!!!!!!!!

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