chasing rabbits

One of those “OMG Where’s my camera???” moments the other day: Greyman and i were coming home from the grocery run and as we passed one of the fields by the distillery, i saw three sets of long white ears with black tips, peeking above the grass like auricular scopes–RABBITS. Jack rabbits [White-tailed Jackrabbit (Lepus townsendii)] abound here (you should forgive the obvious pun), and often Nessie, the DogFaced Girl, winds up coil tight for a chase and has to sit abruptly when she is told to “WAIT”. (She’s not allowed to chase rabbits, deer, squirrels, cats, birds or cows.)

What more perfect for another moon series then? (Happily, all five of the “Leighton: Suite Blue” have gone to good homes!) Going through my stash turned up several small canvases, so the next little while will be spent on them. These new ones will be 8×10, in either a landscape or portrait orientation, depending on the rabbit that models.

This particular one was a bit picky to fit together, as i ‘d had to work around Cosmo, who was *not* going to give up the stoodio worktable! I have to completely re-work the right side of the moon as it turned out too large and more than a little wonky. Layouts with a pissed off kitty in the way are not the way to work, but my soft heart wouldn’t let me move him!


I just adore this little guy, done on ecoprinted, rusted and potassium permanganate dyed cotton! I’m not sure though if this should be “Rocky Mountain Rabbit Moon” or “Rocky Mountain Moon Rabbit”!

He also reminds me of this one deer, from December 2013:



Which reminds me, i think i have two more of these deer all laid out ready to put together……..I’d like to do a bit of a menagerie i think! I haven’t done any ecoprinting in a long while, so am low on those components, but on a nice long snowy walk with Nessie today, around Pearce Estate Park, i collected osier, red currant and goldenrod leaves.



10 responses to “chasing rabbits

  1. There are all sorts of stories in mythology about moon and rabbits, moons and hares etc. I guess it is all tied up with fertility.
    Nice that you have such good eyes to spot the ears. My own DFG (Charlie the toy poodle) also would love to chase/catch rabbits. She spots one, gets ready to run, coiled up for the leap as you describe, but by then the rabbit has disappeared. She turns and looks as if to say, what did you do with that?

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  2. Almost every culture has rabbit mythology, quite fascinating. The only exception i think is Australia, since rabbits were “introduced” by the Western world!


    • Right again, Arlee! We hate, loathe and detest the cursed things. They breed like….well, rabbits, and dig up all our pasture land making it unsafe for man or beast to walk upon as well as destroying the roots of the pasture plants etc etc. And all because some stupid Englishman wanted some rabbits for hunting and some for ‘the pot’. Not, I hasten to add that all Englishmen are stupid, and in my more rational moments I guess this one wasn’t either; he wasn’t to know at the time what destruction the rabbits would wreak in the decades to come. But destruct is what they do.

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