evolution start

This is what i love about textiles.

It just looks like a blob. It’s the amoeba then i guess that will evolve.

The shape and colour already changed from the plan. It’s the black centre piece near the Crone’s body.

Bits will be trimmed off, after the stitching.

And the stitch will add more changes.

3 responses to “evolution start

  1. I was musing yesterday on how my work starts . . . what happens first and I think it’s usually the materials, often a natural object I pick up, a pattern I notice, or something unusual in some way. Yesterday I was looking at a swelling on a tree that looked just like stretch marks.
    What comes first for you? Why did you make the ‘blob’? Was it an idea you wanted to express? A fascination with . . . ?

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    • There’s never one thing that starts me–it could be the colour of a thread, a phrase, an object, a “vision”, a sketch, Sometimes the whole becomes a compilation of intuitive making, other times it’s semi planned, sometimes things just naturally juxtapose when they land near each other 🙂 I think you just have to be open to whatever is speaking to you, in whatever “language”!


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