“Intersections” progress

The exhibit this was to be in was cancelled/postponed due to current situation of course, but i still want to meet the deadline of March 31st at 9AM!

So, orientation choices. Vertical or horizontal? (Bear in mind this is neither finished, nor edited well . (Mockup only, as the moon is not attached yet, and needs some fine tuning.) The moon itself can be a horizontal or vertical in relation to the whole as well.

6 responses to ““Intersections” progress

  1. This is such an extraordiary time. I alternate between being enthusiastic and ready to have a go at anything new that comes my way and feeling lethargic and unable to do anything … and then, of course, there’s always that question in the back of my brain – is that slight headache the start of The COVID – or is it just because I’ve spent the last two hours glued to my screen sending emails to friends or searching the internet for inspiration?!

    I stitch with one group that has an exhibition scheduled for early October and another with one for next spring. So far, of course, no confirmation of the cancellation of either, and I sincerely hope life will be back to something approaching normal by the end of the year so at least the one in April 2021 can go ahead as planned. Right now, these two events and the work I need to do are a life-line to me in keeping me busy – when I can motivate myself.

    I think you are so right to stick to the deadline you’d originally set yourself. I think deadlines are actually what I’m missing. Usually I meet with my groups in person once a month but this can no longer happen. Group blogs and Facebook pages are all any of us have. They are a good substitute and we have to be thankful for them – and look forward to more normal times.

    Keep well and stay safe.

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  2. Thanks all for the input! I’ve decided to put hangers on so that whomever ends up with it (could be me, as you know what it’s like right now for all of us as self employed artists/businesses) can hang with the orientation as they please.

    That being said, it hasn’t progressed any further than the photos above, as i’m at a “why bother with anything” spot right now……


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