booked out–and back

I needed a nice long break. I just read. No stitching, drawing, planning, dyeing, sewing, painting, nothing.

Worked my way through 75 books since the first of May, when i finally figured out how to access library ebooks. And yes, that is correct, 75 books. I learned to read fast, and i mean really fast when i was a kid, 900 words a minute at that time–we all did the three of us kids, this was “self defense/interest” in my family because if you wanted to finish the book that the family was all reading at once, you had to be speedy before Dad got it and spent hours with it! I read about 700 per minute now as i get older πŸ™‚

I gardened a little, walked the dog, did the minimum (TOO minimal, actually…) housework, watched piss all TV as even Netflix is rather boring right now as all i can find that i am interested in is usually Scandinavian with stiffly translated english subtitles, and read, read, read, for hours at a time. Books were a big escape for me when i was a kid and a single mother, and in times like we’ve had lately, and the times i’ve had lately, escapism was needed. I feel neither guilty nor as if i wasted time. Worked my way through series of David Baldacci, Frances Fyfield, Karin Slaughter, Nicci French, Jussi Adler-Olsen, Jo Nesbo, Kathy Reichs, the first volume in the Villanelle series —totally different than the tv series— and assorted “one off” novels by various writers. I read NOTHING for research purposes, nothing to learn new techniques, nothing to do with my passions.

The only exciting/worrying/dire/nasty thing that happened during all this was my mother ending up in hospital for a few days with something bad happening–but fortunately with a woman who speaks her mind and impresses upon doctors and staff that SHE IS NOT STUPID, SENILE, OR LOSING HER MARBLES: JUST TELL ME THE DAMN TRUTH (GO MOM!) that worked out and she’s home under the care of my Super Brother. Late night phone calls from family members are always agonizing, and i know there will be more happening as the year goes by…….. (Hopefully yearS!) (Hopefully with little frequency.)

Since my other library requests are “holds” where i am #57 on 2 copies and similar ridiculous wait times, i guess it’s time to get back to studio hours.


9 responses to “booked out–and back

  1. I’m a skim reader and can often read a book a day if I’m not distracted by something else (generally involving things like needles, threads, and food). David Baldacci is a favourite here – have you read any of Michael Connolly? Harlan Coben is great too.

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    • Close to reading all of the Nesbo’s πŸ™‚ Have read the entire Harry Hole series, and several others as well. If you like Nesbo, try Jussi Adler-Olsen too-a wee bit similar in the beginning to Hole, but a darker humour, and as the writer developed, some heart wrenching storylines.


  2. Hello Arlee
    I know it feels sometimes like we’re talking to ourselves when we write in our blog … but I do think people take a moment or two to read, they just don’t bother to reply … and replying is important to us that still blog.
    Why do we blog bother to blog now ? Have you asked yourself ? is it for your friends ? Is it just a personal journal now ?
    I have to decided that a personal journal it is for me … a reply is just a fantastic plus !
    I loved hearing from internet friends, be it ever so briefly, and loved visiting their blogs with a word or two … it’s encouraging and pleasant connectivity.
    So, I plow on … must get on it soon, but today is too humid and I feel vey sleepy … did my hour of reading for the day, did my exercises to release a tight muscle after heat therapy … have a Happy Canada Day !!

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  3. Good to see you Arlee! Love this post. I’ve been thinking about you as I work on my newest textile things, my maybe-a-childrens-book-in-creation, and ponder poetry and library books, puppets and masks. Miss you terribly from the times that I blogged and flickr’d and we talked more through the interwebs. Wish we could talk in real life. Perhaps I’ll insta-text you. Moo love. – Rose Moo Howard

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    • Hi Rose! Seems like such a long time ago now, doesn’t it? I really miss the Flickr we used to know, and how people talked more on blogs; it’s too fast a world now, i think. BUT at least we still find old friends for a reason! Hugs to you πŸ™‚


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