naked body jewellry, part 2

I’ve had nightmares all week about these pieces. It’s one thing to make wristlets, corsages and hairpieces for proms, or weddings: it’s another completely different waxed ball of canned worms to have to worry about extreme heat and light in a studio setting. And naked people.

I do have to consider the naked people. Don’t want scratches on them, don’t water drips ruining hours of body painting, don’t want things falling apart in poses.

The original hard “Alice in Wonderland” theme was changed by the body painter. Softened by whites and greens, no “objects” in with the flowers and foliage, here’s the headpiece:

red rose headpiece view 1

red rose headpiece view 2

And the arm piece:

red rose armpiece

The Asian inspired work became this:

orchid headpiece 1


I’d like to thank my patient model, who fortunately does not ever complain.

Once the actual photography and videography sessions are done on Sunday, i am allowed to share those. The naked people will be family friendly, though still naked under the paint.

4 responses to “naked body jewellry, part 2

  1. I love the arm piece but my absolute favourite is the beautiful, delicate (Asian inspiration). Definitely think this could make the bridal ‘Tiara look’ redundant!
    Arlee, you are such a talented floral artist as well as a brilliant textile artist, too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Barbara. It was nerve wracking but oh i do love them and hope to do more. And i quite agree—-now i’ll be pushing hair pieces for weddings:)


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