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We’ve been off work this past week, a holiday, though we didn’t get as far or do as much as we had hoped to. A day trip to Waterton Park way down by the border was a good de-compression though. I just couldn’t do justice with the camera to the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of flowers in bloom–i’ve never ever seen so much blooming beauty in all my days! There’s an old home movie with the three year old self exclaiming “but where are all the flowers?????” Every story book i’d ever read had pictures of woods covered in colour and form, and the real thing was quite disappointing 🙂 (Never mind that it was autumn with red and gold leaves, when everything is going to sleep 🙂 ) This latest experience was a payback, or a pay forward? for that 3 year old though! Imagine meadows, roadsides, forest floors and mountain sides covered, and i mean COVERED in purple, pink, yellow, white, blue, orange and red, coral and peach, lime and emerald in every form and hue, in every texture and shape, and OH what a glorious feast for the eyes.

I’m still kind of stuck with actually settling on anything of any import, but heck, just get on with something then. Often the doing will inspire other ideas or get the blood and imagination going and flowing, so why not? tr july 13

I’ve been switching between weights and types of thread for this, as is my wont, from finer 12 wt to a thicker #5 perle in shades of violet and browns, changing the scale of stitch and motif, hoping to make her come alive. I tried the working of the second eye upside down, and it did seem to work! Her “hair flower” will have more of that lovely wormy jellyfish stitching, but in greys to add more depth.

And now i’m seeing more flowers, floral do-eys on/with her. I’m not about to go all gaga with them though–as much as i’m a flower girl in my garden and day job, there must be a balance of personality on this as well. She will be what she will be in the end.

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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