I’d planned on using these in a more ambitious project, but now they will be on the face piece–and i need a name for her soon!

Since the hexagon shape often appears in my work on the background as part of the “embrilting”, it’s a natural progression to add them in a more dimensional form. I like these shapes as they evoke honeycombs, cells, natural forms. These will all be puffed up and added along the bottom corners in various configurations, “dripping” off. And i think the Caron Wildflowers “Ash” (#218) is my new favourite colourway, sliding from fog and snow and back again, especially on this “filler” fabric i designed during residency.

tr aug 7

I hadn’t realized/remembered the face fabric being so gold, so will have to work out a proper integration of the very white hexes!

tr hexes


I might have to build the canvas stretchers as well, as i don’t think i have any pre-mades this size.

There are now only 20 days until the deadline!

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