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last man standing

The second figure for this piece has been a bit problematic. The original sketch’s colouring (above centre right) did not translate well the first time to the haremcloth—too green, too dark. The sampling (above centre left) was actually done before the large attempt at the stitching, but i lost sight of what it was and didn’t go to the now aborted attempt with it.

I’ve gone back to the idea of the stitched sample (which will become a small piece on its own, as i quite like it), for the colouring and the “flavour”. Less is more.

I however DID like the stitching i did on the first, so will be doing that again.

The tapestry frame worked a dream for stretching the expletive deleted haremcloth, keeping it taut and 99% on grain. I’m sure any nun or lace maker would agree that the 1% should be more important, but considering the piece when done will be loosely attached to the main background, subtle stitch manipulation will true it up.

I stitched it to both sides, then flipped it over and stitched one end because there was enough overlap, but the other end had to be stapled because there wasn’t enough at the end to fold over. Poohpoohpeedoo, it worked.

Now we’ll see if i can work it this way, as i am unused to hooping of any sort, except on the very very rare occasion. I suspect i’ll be propping it on the edge of a table, and working stab fashion, instead of my usual fold, borgle, crumple method.


mooning again

The big one on Tabula Memoria still has me stumped as to the middle visible sectioning.

Hexagons discrete? Holes? A tree? More synapses?

Still a mystery.


out like a lion

I really need to photograph this at my favourite time of day, the mid afternoon, when the light bends properly over tactility. There’s little left on the right panel to work, but i still have void areas that will get a bit of treatment to balance the left side. (Photo shows side panels folded together, with middle panel not visible.)

It’s time to map out areas time wise. The amount of hours that have gone/are going into this, now need to be divided into other areas. I’m ready to start the top moon to stabilize the centre panel.



in a bit of a fix

I find myself extremely irritable today, probably because i took an over the counter sleep aid last night–which bloody well didn’t work. Minor snags, literally and figuratively with the stitching on this piece has me kind of pissy right now, so it’s time to stop. Especially since i can do this one only in the stoodio in good daylight. The stitching corner is not going to work for this element.

The original paintsketch:

seated-fig-paintsketchAnd so far, with foot sort of fixed:

fig-seated-fixLess of a heavy sock effect now, though i think the toe needs picking out too……

E N U F as Momma says. No stitching tonight either, break time. I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.

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This beautiful bamboo thread was the one i thought i would run out of, but fortunately a dear friend sent me another lump of it. Thanks Meg, you are a Peach!

neurons-thread-choicePhoto above “pre” all the stitching!


And i may have to order more of the little Valdani ball of “Shimmering Denim”, a lovely variegated, but a silly name–who’s ever seen denim “shimmer”? 🙂


Anyhoo, i had a good weekend with the work, and am closer to finishing these 2 sections than i thought. As always, working intense areas gets rather myopic and one can’t see the whole until stepping back, literally.



I also finally settled on a title! Since this piece is about memory, and all the associations and “syndromes”, it is now “Tabula Memoria”.

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feelin’ the love (sort of)

As many of you know, i am a floral designer by day, and this being Valentine’s Day “week”, i haven’t had much stitching time! It’s been more stressful this year, when people seem to forget it’s the same day EVERY YEAR DUH (and wait until the last minute, and then bitch because we’ve run out of things), but our flowers were stuck in the mountains for 48 hours due to the road and weather conditions! You should have seen me beetling around yesterday, “power arranging” vases and bouquets, making up for the days we couldn’t do it! I’m thinking of adding a “F***you Fee” to difficult customer orders…….


Every minute counts though, and a stitch here and there adds up. I’m loving this blue variegated on the axons and ganglia!





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