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feelin’ the love (sort of)

As many of you know, i am a floral designer by day, and this being Valentine’s Day “week”, i haven’t had much stitching time! It’s been more stressful this year, when people seem to forget it’s the same day EVERY YEAR DUH (and wait until the last minute, and then bitch because we’ve run out of things), but our flowers were stuck in the mountains for 48 hours due to the road and weather conditions! You should have seen me beetling around yesterday, “power arranging” vases and bouquets, making up for the days we couldn’t do it! I’m thinking of adding a “F***you Fee” to difficult customer orders…….


Every minute counts though, and a stitch here and there adds up. I’m loving this blue variegated on the axons and ganglia!





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a stitch, or many, in time

“How did it get so late so soon?” ― Dr. Seuss

Time and space are slowing with this one. Since the last “photo session” on the 25th, i have added 11 more hours worth of stitch to this area, and feel (while i’m loving it) that little more has been done…………..

Intricacy, tiny occlusions and inclusions, artistic license *and* accuracy, the Devil is in the details as They say.


(I however have to pick parts of that top hex out, as it woogled and borgled.)

The indigo was definitely the right choice.


I’ve had to make tons of notes as i go along, because there are many steps for working each section of the neuron. I keep missing little bits as i go through each one!


I wanted to add what i thought were synapses somewhere, but my thinking about this has been wrong. I thought a synapse was a totally different animal, but research shows me it’s the space “between” neurons.

I can appreciate the beauty of this though, as it’s not all cut and dried facts. My favourite shot to date below, though the lighting is not true.


The “hand” of all this stitching is sore, but the “hand” of all this stitching is so wonderfully tactile too 🙂

I had a big long discussion with myself originally on this post about “meditative” and “mindful”, but blah blah so i deleted it.

stitching in semiotics

I wonder how meaning is created, not what it is. Symbolism, connotation, iconography, denotation, synecdoche: Memory.


(Sketch of normal neuron from 2011)

A long time ago, i worked a series i called the Artist’s Body. Bones, hearts and brains fascinated, still do fascinate me. How do all these things come together to make a living, breathing entity? Now i’m focusing on one of the more “ephemeral”, unquantifiable aspects of the brain, memory.

Not all of us will fall prey to Alzheimer’s, though most of us as we age, start having faulty memories, the connections becoming disparate, as time and self dissociate. And when you really think about it, all of life is memory, except for the moment of NOW, that changing moment of awareness as we live it, and instantly it becomes the past, another memory.


Memory is time as illustration also. (Even as i write this, i have to refer to my trusty Stitch Journal, for dates…) On the 22nd, i spent 5 hours laying this out and hand stitching.

neurons-jan-22Yesterday, another 5.25 hours:

neurons-jan-23I’m almost where i can start adding the indigo underneath certain pieces.

And can something so drifting and fleeting be so tangible to, and in, physical touch? Palpable, stirring, substantial, as i run my fingers over this.


still juicing

I’d have had more done by now, but yesterday i was elsewhere, and though i had brought this with me, the minute i opened the bag, the needle flew out and was lost! And since when have i ever poked only ONE needle in for use???? Only yesterday………..

Fortunately, we are working our way through Deadwood, and my brain and fingers can separate to get something done 🙂



By the end of day i should have enough components for three moons, with interesting bits left for other projects.


And for the record, though Deadwood is dirty and grit laden, with horrendous behaviours and the lowest of criminal intent, it has much historical basis, incredibly well developed characters, and the language, oh the language is so wonderfully Shakespearean! (Some of it will go right over the heads of most, but i know you intelligent readers will understand 🙂 )


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moving along, and another backyard rescue

I could might get this done in time for the exhibit!

stitched hexes

stitched hexes b

The honeycomb/hexes/cells are stitched with rhubarb root dyed cotton perle–i just love the way this dye glows an any fibre!

I wanted to add more of my treasured and hoarded walnut dyed lace, but i put it somewhere in a safe spot–and someone has moved or hidden the safe spot!!!

And Greyman to the rescue again! He was going to mow the back 40 last night, but found a young robin by the lawnmower, so for the next hour we fed, watered and kept safe the fella until his Momma came back. He was full grown in size, but not in temperament or self care, but still with baby feathers, so pretty!

rescue 1

rescue 2

rescue 3

rescue 4

rescue 5

No sign of him this morning, so hope he’;s safe, but we can hear Momma.


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a little hex vexed

I think i need more of them…….

hex vex C

I apologize for the lighting, taken last night at 1130 in a dim studio!

Not the finalized layout, i’m playing around with placement, and i feel i need more of them to not look like a last minute add on…..

hex vex


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