chasing the line

As it turns out, i do have enough of the variegated silk i am using in the middle of this section, but ran out literally at the end of the line of the Caron Sticks and Stones! Yesterday i was going through my threads and realized it’s not only been a good while since i replenished the stock (Nov 2014???), but that the stash is actually getting quite sparse!!! I have two orders on the way now, from Valdani in Edmonton, and from 123Stitch in the US. Again, it pisses me off that even with shipping and currency exchange, i can buy those threads from 123 cheaper than buying in Canada………….BUT at least i now know after some searching that a local store carries the Caron collection, so in a pinch, i can get a number/colourway i need immediately. (Assuming they really do have the stock their website says…)

Obviously this will be the last shot for awhile of this particular piece, because though *I* know there’s been major progress on it, most will get bored seeing the Same Old Same Old in terms of “wow factor” πŸ™‚ After all, how many times can one show a line of seeded backstitch, even if it is growing?

Jan 1 progress, another 12″ stretch:

jan-1-gm-bb-cI deliberately left the above photo quite large, so you can ooh and ahh if you like πŸ™‚

And as of last night at 9PM, the full 46″ length:


I can start the second “seam” tonight, with the variegated silk, adding the Caron when it comes. I may still add to the first one with another colourway to further blend, but i don’t want too much of that wonderful background encroached on, as i have ideas for the rest of the “background” before and as i add other elements.

I figure there’s about 15 hours of stitch time in there now, but alas, today i must return to the ffFlower Mines, so will be stabbing at it as i can, in the evenings.

And still not even a “working title”, so that will be today’s ruminations.


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