using again

Stash, i’m using stash! Whadja think i meant? šŸ™‚

On Sunday when i was (re)organizing the work space, i had a brilliant thought. Why not USE some of the natural dyes? Seriously, wth am i making them for otherwise? Pretty piles are one thing, unused pretty piles are another šŸ™‚

I am stressed right now though, overly stressed actually, for reasons i won’t go into publicly, but keeping my hands and mind busy are a good antidote. That and long long wintry walks with the DogFaced Girl (Brown Dog), trying to gather my thoughts, and lock the doors against the Black Dog…………..

So. Small projects. Things i can finish if not in a day, maybe two or three. I have a resentment about making “things” that won’t see the light of day, are unappreciated, or that serve no purpose (gone are my days of filling the studio with tchotchkes based on magazine articles…), but these, these i like. Gifts, a thoughtful concentrated mark of time, hopeful colourful little bits that might mean something to someone.

When the light is better later today, i’ll rephotograph these, and list them in the shop (with an addended photo here too, so you can see them as they really are.). Through December, they’ll be on sale. Maybe they will cheer you, or a friend.


Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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